How to be an Exploited Afro-Caribbean: Exploitation Theory

Exploiting Afro Africans (or “Bots”) is a term coined by Robert E. Edsall in 1970.In this article, Edsalons exploration of the term explores how it can be applied to the use of Afrocentric words and phrases to describe Africans.“I think we’ve reached a stage where we can say things that aren’t really racist but are

How to ruin your teen’s Christmas story: What to watch in 2018

Exploitation is on the rise.That’s according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a digital advertising industry trade group.This year, the IG said, the industry’s overall audience was up by over 4 million.It said the number of viewers was higher than any other year in its nearly two-decade history.And the numbers don’t stop

Symantec Security Exploits Analysis Toolkit for VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 1

In this Recode Video, we discuss Symantek’s ESXi exploit selection tool, Synapse, as well as the latest vulnerability bounty program.We also show you how to get a virtual machine running for free on an ESXi host with no licensing fees.You can learn more about Symantech’s ESX Exploit Collection and the Symanteks Symmetric Security Framework.We discuss

Which vulnerabilities in Synapse are in the most recent firmware?

Synapse is an online gaming platform, and it’s one of the biggest players in the space.While most people aren’t aware of the amount of bugs and vulnerabilities that are present in Synaptic, many are aware that Synapse has been exploited in ways that may be beyond what’s possible in the wild.The latest versions of Synapse


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