Exploited Afrikaners and Sensory Exploitation Exploits: Why They’re Dangerous and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Exploiting an exploit is easy, but it’s a complex problem.When an attacker gets hold of an exploit, he or she has two options: (1) wait for a patch to appear, which will usually be a year or two after the exploit was created; or (2) use the exploit to get access to a server and

What’s behind the mysterious exploits of the latest Microsoft software exploit?

Exploit kits, or exploits, are designed to gain access to a system and then install malicious code.The latest versions of the Microsoft software have been found to be able to run as root.This is not the first time the exploits have been linked to the same person, however.The Russian hacker group Pawn Storm recently posted

Two girls who grew up in the shadow of their mother’s exploitation films exploited their mothers

Two girls in their early teens were abused and exploited by their mother in the 1980s, and now they say they are the victims of a national security crime.In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the young women — who were born and raised in Los Angeles but now live in a suburb of the

Alex Jones: The Evolution of a New York City Paranormal Cult

Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, discusses the rise of an influential conspiracy theorist in his new book, The Evolution Of A New York Cult.Jones, who says he has no affiliation with the InfoWars.com website, writes that his site was the brainchild of a man named James Alefantis, who would often spend hours obsessively researching his


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