Adopt me, the kik video that was exploited by hackers

Adopt Me, the video that got the attention of hackers and the media, is a kik exploit that’s been used on teenagers across the country, according to security firm Trend Micro.

The video was uploaded to the video-sharing site Snapchat in September and was shared over 1.3 million times.

It was later stolen by a group of teenagers who used the video as an example of how to exploit teenagers’ social media accounts, according, Trend Micro said in a blog post.

The hackers posted the video on Snapchat in December, but Trend Micro says it wasn’t until last week that the video was used by a few dozen people to spread the message that people need to adopt them.

Trend Micro said the video had about 100,000 views on YouTube.

The company didn’t provide a date for when the video might have been used again.

In the video, an unnamed woman explains that her husband is abusive, that she has a 4-year-old daughter and she’s afraid to tell anyone.

She also claims to have a 13-year history of being abused, and that her daughter is being groomed by her stepfather.

The woman’s husband, who is seen standing in front of a mirror, says that his family is in danger, because they are “going crazy,” and that he “doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

The video then shows a woman wearing a white turtleneck holding a baby doll.

She says that she’s adopted a girl and has been with her for a year.

She then asks a man, who appears to be the husband, why he’s giving her children a name.

She then says, “They’re going crazy.

They want to know what their name is.”

The man says that he thinks it’s a name that was chosen because it was a popular name in the community.

She goes on to say that the girl’s name is “Ada,” and then she says, “(I’m) giving you my name.”

The woman then says that her name was taken because her husband gave her the name.

She asks the man if he knows that her child is named after a princess, and then asks him if he knew that.

The man replies, “Yes.”

Then the video ends.

Trend Mic didn’t identify the couple behind the video.

The couple, who are seen in the video talking on their phone, told ABC News that they were the parents of the adopted girl.


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