Child labor exploitation: Exploits at the hands of foreign employers

A report by the UN agency Human Rights Watch paints a grim picture of the exploitation of children in migrant labor.

According to the report, workers at the world’s largest child labor companies were subjected to “severe physical and psychological abuse,” including rape, torture, and forced labor.

The report, titled “Child Labor Exploitation: Exploitations at the Hands of Foreign Employers,” said the exploitation and abuse suffered by children at these companies included sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, child labor, forced marriage, and physical and mental abuse.

Child labor abuses are a worldwide problem, said the report.

The exploitation of workers is “systemic” and includes child labor in the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

The exploitation of child laborers “is a global problem,” Human Rights Press Director Sarah Leah Whitson said.

“As long as the world remains largely a child-centric society, child laborers will continue to be exploited, abused, and exploited.

That’s why our report is so critical to ensuring that governments and workers have access to effective, effective solutions to the global child labor crisis.”

The abuse of child labor is an issue that is a global concern, Whitsons report said.

It’s not just a problem in the U.S., it’s also a problem around the world, and it affects the entire globe.

“We’re at a critical moment in history where governments are looking to improve their capacity to deal with the global workforce crisis,” Whitsont said.

While the U, U.K., and Germany are all in the process of introducing laws to curb child labor and to address exploitation, Whittons report did not include the U (United Kingdom) and Germany (Germany) as countries that have taken the lead on child labor.

Whitsong said that is the “missing piece” that is needed to ensure that all countries have effective laws.

Whitsons team also interviewed about 40 child labor experts, including experts from the Child Labor Protection and Rights Commission of Australia, the Child Lending Prevention and Enforcement Commission of Brazil, and the World Child Labor Organization.

Whittons team is calling for countries to:1.

Expand child labor protections and ensure that child laborers can report and report on violations of labor laws, including labor laws that target child labor2.

Expand the use of the Global Child Labor Reporting Network (GCLRN) to improve child labor reporting and monitoring3.

Increase enforcement of child protection laws that include child labor protection4.

Require employers to pay the wages of child workers and provide them with the right to work5.

Requain that child labor be addressed by national governments and labor unions6.

Requirerate mandatory reporting of labor violations by child laborers to labor inspectors and government agencies7.

Create and implement labor protection and labor rights legislation that applies to all workers including migrant workers and migrant farm workers8.

Promote an independent monitoring system to monitor labor practices and standards in all sectors9.

Create a national agency to monitor the implementation of labor protection laws and legislation10.

Implement labor laws in their entirety and ensure implementation of them across sectors, including in migrant workers11.

Expand enforcement of laws against child labor including child labor prevention and enforcement12.

Ensure that child workers have the right of recourse under labor law for violations that are not illegal, and ensure their fair treatment under labor laws and their right to return to their homes and families13.

Expand legal remedies for child labor violations including the right not to be subject to forced labor and the right for employers to terminate their employment of children14.

Requiring that all employers pay child labor wages and wages paid to child workers15.

Ensure a minimum wage for all workers who are child laborers, including migrant farmworkers, child workers, and migrant factory workers16.

Invest in legal mechanisms to protect children from exploitation and the use or abuse of children by foreign employers17.

Requirement that child and forced laborers who work in the domestic service sector be paid overtime18.

Requide that migrant workers who work on farms and plantations pay the minimum wage to their employers19.

Expand an independent and impartial commission to monitor and report to the government on all child labor issues20.

Ensure the payment of wages and benefits to child laborers21.

Provide for the right, on demand, of migrant workers to organize unions for child workers in their respective workplaces22.

Investigate, punish, and punish those who engage in child labor-related crimes in order to prevent child labor from becoming a global trend23.

Provide child labor victims with the protection of a court order24.

Invest resources to investigate and prosecute violations of child rights and labor laws by employers and child labor organizations25.

Requisite the national government to implement legislation that protects migrant workers from the use and abuse of migrant labor26.

Requirm that the provisions of labor law and labor protection law applicable to migrant workers include child workers.

Whittson’s team is working on an update to the


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