Dadingautic, JB Renegade exploit mom, dadingaut’s daughter

An investigation by the National Parents Organization (NPO) and the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) found that the fathering, J.B. Renegade, exploited his daughter and exploited his mother in his prostitution operation.

J.b. and his daughter were exploited and exploited in his brothels in New York City and the Dominican Republic, as well as the Dominican and Puerto Rican sex trade markets, according to the report.

Jb. also sexually exploited his teenage daughter, who was forced into prostitution in the Dominican republic and was paid $10 per hour to do the same for him, according the report, which was conducted by the NPO and CMD.

The NPO found that Jb., J.F. and the daughter, Janna, were all prostituted through their work for the Dominican brothel, the Center found.

The report found that while J. B. Renegades operation was illegal under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, he was allowed to keep the profits of his trafficking operations because he is a “significant shareholder” in the brothel.

JB. also “had numerous other female clients,” including some women who worked in the sex trade, the report found.

According to the investigation, the JB family also had multiple women who used the brothel as a place to stay, but did not report their prostitution to authorities because they feared retribution.

Jbs daughters mother, Marci, said she was forced to pay Jb to keep his business going.

Janna said her mother had a job at a brothel and she would pay him $10 for a “good night’s work,” which she did in exchange for sex, the NPOC report found, adding that Marci was paid “in cash” for each sex act she performed.

The daughter also worked as a sex worker and was allowed “a certain amount of freedom and privacy” with her employer, the CMD report said.

“Janna told me that she was able to keep her job, but that she would have to pay $2,000 a week to pay the bills,” the report said, adding, “she felt she had no other choice.”

The CMD investigation found that in addition to Jb’s illegal business, he also exploited a “young, vulnerable and vulnerable female prostitute” by taking her to the Dominican island of Puerto Rico for “sex work.”

The victim, who had worked in a prostitution business for six months, was taken to the island to be used in the trafficking of a 15-year-old prostitute.

According the report: When she was rescued by the police, she told authorities that her father forced her to perform a sex act for him.

The victim was then taken to a brotheling where she was exploited for the duration of the sex act and forced to perform oral sex.

Her father then gave her money to help cover the costs of her trip.

She was released on bail and told she would be released once her mother reported her to authorities.

When she later reported the incident to authorities, she was threatened by her father with jail time if she did not comply.

When the victim was arrested, she said she believed that her ordeal would have ended had she not been rescued.

In response to the NPOV and CMP’s report, JBS’ lawyer, Stephen F. Kopp, said that the family has never seen any evidence that JBS is a trafficker.

“He’s never been charged with any crime.

He’s never gone to jail,” Kopp said.

The CMP and NPOV report also found that as of August 2015, Jb was in the United States, living in a hotel in New Jersey, and he was not registered with the US Department of State.

The family was granted asylum in the US in December of last year, according their release.

However, the family did not have the right to remain in the country and were denied refugee status, according a press release from the U.S. Embassy in Miami.

A representative for JBS did not respond to a request for comment on the allegations against him.


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