Which black school students have the most exploitable exploits?

This is the story of exploitation on the high street.A year ago, I took the liberty of writing a piece about the high school student exploit economy that was published in the popular news magazine The Sydney Morning Herald.In the piece, I discussed how the high schools exploitation economy is dominated by those students who

Why ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and the Exploited College Teen Exploiting College Students’ Email Accounts

Exploitation of vulnerable college students by the hip-hop artist, Weird Al Yankovich, is well documented.Yankovics exploits the email accounts of 18- to 24-year-olds and young people in various countries, often via the use of the email addresses and other personal information of people who have been contacted.“Weirdal’ is a former member of the pop group

What we know about the Edith Piaf case

A teen girl’s case has sparked a debate about sexual exploitation and abuse, with police investigating claims that the BBC broadcaster sexually exploited her.Edith, now 18, told police she was raped and assaulted by the BBC presenter.The police and the broadcaster’s parent company, BBC Worldwide, have apologised for the episode and said they are investigating

Why are Americans so upset with the media’s treatment of Afrikaans?

The media’s use of a racial slur in the wake of the Charleston church shooting is making it even more uncomfortable for many Americans, and some are asking why we should continue to rely on it.Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked this week if the media has a “moral obligation” to report on racial and


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