How the ’60s Exploited An Older Generation’s Opioid Crisis

“We’re not gonna put a needle in my arm.”

– The Doors, 1968The Doors played a few songs from their 1971 album, Doors to Nowhere, on their 1983 LP The Doors Are Dead.

The album’s cover depicts the group’s iconic “Door” logo with the caption, “Doo!


I’m dying.”

The Doors were, of course, among the first major acts to play “Doom” in their songs.

But many other bands had their own versions of the song.

“Dirty Dancing,” the 1970s smash hit for the likes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Madonna’s husband, and other celebrities, has the chorus, “I’m gonna do something with my hands/I’m going to do something that’s not gonna be in the movie/I got a new girlfriend.”

(And, yes, Madonna also had a cameo in a 1991 movie.)

There were a few versions of “Dude, I Love You” that were sung in various places on the album, like the intro, outro, or the “Bombs Away” track.

And of course there were many other songs, like “Bobby’s Blues,” that are sung over the opening guitar riff of “Do You Wanna Marry Me?”(The title comes from a real song lyric, by the way, which is, “He’s just a little boy/He’s a little girl/He just wants to play on my piano.”)

The song was written by Pete Townshend, and was recorded in 1972 at the legendary Stone Temple Pilots studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

There, Townsherd had the Doors’ guitarist, Dick Dale, record and record again for him.

The song is an epic rocker that also features some pop-punk influences, but it is an extremely danceable rocker.

It is also a very “60s” song, in that the chorus of the chorus is “I’ll take a crack at you.”


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