How to Fix Your Child’s ADHD Exploited Teen Lauren

Lauren, age 13, is the youngest victim of a child exploitation exploit and she says she’s tired of being blamed for something she didn’t do.

The victim says she has been abused and sexually harassed for the past three years by her father.

She says she is scared to go out with friends, and often gets blamed for everything. 

Lauren, who wants to go by her middle name, says she was taken by her dad to an outdoor spot where he took her to a nearby home where they engaged in an “exploitation” session.

The girl said she was “pushed to the edge” and had her hands bound.

“I felt really unsafe, I felt like I was not in control,” she said.

“When I felt that, I knew something was wrong, so I tried to get away, but I couldn’t.”

Lauren says she tried to escape, but was pushed by her parents, who said they would have to take her to the police.

“They said they couldn’t do anything about it because I wasn’t in control, and I felt scared, so then they said they were going to have to go to the cops,” Lauren said.

Lauren says she feels guilty about the incident, and blames her father for making her feel uncomfortable.

“But that’s what happened to me: They made me feel unsafe, and they told me I had to go back to the home,” she says.

Lauren’s parents say they do not know what happened, but say they will never forgive their daughter for the incident.

“They’re not responsible for what happened.

We have no control over what happens to us.

We are not responsible.

We did not do anything wrong.

We’re not the ones who should be punished,” her father said.

Lauren says her father was “really nice, but he was really abusive.

He’s a bully.

He bullied me.”

A report commissioned by the Australian Government found that many parents do not take action against their children, but it found that parents who are abused or sexually harassed often turn to the Internet to help their children. 

A report from the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program at the Australian National University found that over the past decade, child sexual abuse incidents in Australia have risen by almost 100 percent, and that more than 2,300 children are being sexually assaulted in schools each year.

“Child sexual abuse is a serious issue, and one that requires urgent attention,” the report said.


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