How to Pick a Cyber Exploit for Your Online Career

New York City-based digital-exploit-designer James L. Martin is an early adopter of the trend of targeting and exploiting vulnerabilities in the internet of things, but he says the new generation of cyberattackers is more adept at finding them and exploiting them. 

“They’re very much looking for vulnerabilities in everything they do,” he said.

“They’re not just interested in hacking, they’re interested in stealing things.

Martin, who runs a company called C2E2 Security that helps clients manage their cyberattacks, said cyberattack defenses for the internet-of-things are becoming more complex. “

And they’re looking for things that they can use in a cyber attack.”

Martin, who runs a company called C2E2 Security that helps clients manage their cyberattacks, said cyberattack defenses for the internet-of-things are becoming more complex. 

While attackers have been targeting IoT devices for years, the number of attacks on the devices has grown exponentially.

Last year, the U.S. military deployed an unmanned drone to monitor the movements of an IoT device it was tracking.

It was able to locate and disable the device, but the drone had no way to identify it as an actual threat.

The drone also wasn’t able to remotely disable the connected devices.

“This is going to be an increasingly common thing going forward, where you can’t necessarily rely on the capabilities of the drone, because you have to be able to access the devices,” Martin said. 

Martin said that hackers are also finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in devices, including in mobile phones. 

In April, a hacker used a vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy S8 to attack a network connected to the phone.

According to a report by security researcher Christopher Vickery, the hacker gained access to the smartphone’s WiFi network by tricking the phone into connecting to a WiFi hotspot, which allowed him to access a number of other websites. 

Vickery, who was unable to identify the hacker, noted that the vulnerability existed in both Android phones and Windows 10 devices. 

A cybersecurity expert, Michael McAlister, told Forbes that cyberattack attackers are looking for all the devices that are connected to a network, whether it be a laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected home network. 

McAlister said that a vulnerability could be exploited on a home network to cause the computer to shut down.

“There is no way that an IoT network is secure without having a firewall and securing your devices with passwords,” McAlisters said.

The latest trend for cyberattacks is to take advantage of new hardware that’s connected to networks. 

The trend is so prevalent that the security firm Symantec said it expects that cyberattacks will be up to 60% of the total IoT activity in 2020.

Vickeries report noted that this trend will continue.

“As more IoT devices get connected to more networks, they are more vulnerable to attacks,” Vickery said.

The cybersecurity expert said that it will take years for manufacturers to improve security in their devices, especially as manufacturers have more access to more advanced hacking tools.

“It’s going to take years before manufacturers can be confident in their own devices,” he added.

“I would be surprised if it’s not years before they can’t detect that a malicious app has been installed on their device.”


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