How to Protect Yourself Against Online Abuse

The Cyberpunk money exploitation game exploit is back.

According to a new report, attackers were using the exploit to collect “millions of dollars” from victims, and some have even been paid in bitcoins.

The exploit was created back in 2013 as part of the cyberpunk movie, and it was used by an unidentified hacker to create a botnet.

While the exploit has been around for years, the new report from Trend Micro details how it has gained traction over the past year.

The first iteration of the exploit, which was released by the hacker “the_kryptonite” a few days ago, was used to harvest more than $150,000 in bitcoin from an unnamed victim.

The report noted that the exploit was able to collect $1.7 million in bitcoin after the first victim’s payment was made.

That money was later transferred to a bank account, which the report says was “used to pay for the purchase of new computer equipment.”

A second attack using the same exploit was launched on December 18, 2018, and collected $1,300 in bitcoin.

The attacker then transferred the money to a bitcoin address owned by a victim.

According to the report, the third attack, also launched by the “thekryptonite,” was launched in March 2019.

It used the exploit against a victim that was able pay $2,000 to acquire a new laptop and $500 to purchase a video game.

The malware was also able to send the victim’s credit card numbers to a third party.

While the new reports is quite a few and may not be representative of the full scope of the malware, it does show that the exploitation has made it onto the public’s radar.

It’s also worth noting that the first two attacks were launched over a few months ago, so there’s no indication that the hackers are currently targeting specific schools or colleges.


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