“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star’s mom is ‘very protective’ of him

The cast and crew of the hit Netflix series “It is Always Sunny” are taking care of the star of the show’s first season, who is now recovering from a long-term battle with alcoholism.

Logan Marshall-Green’s mom, Sarah Tepfer, spoke out on Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about her son’s recent recovery and the show as a whole.

“He’s been through a lot and he’s very protective of me,” she said.

“He’s the most amazing person I know.

He’s so kind.

I’ve been through so much, I’m still dealing with it, so it’s not that hard.”

She added, “It makes me want to live life.

It’s just a matter of getting through this.”

Marshall-Green has been sober for two months, and he recently took part in an episode of “Goodbye America,” the show based on his life.

He spoke about the experience in the show and shared his story about the show, which he said helped him cope with his addiction.

He was a good kid, a good person, and a good actor.

He was an awesome kid, but I can tell you that his mother is very protective,” Marshall-Grey said.

Marshall is also the latest star to speak out about his addiction after the first season of the sitcom “It Is Always Sunny In Philadelphia” was canceled after six episodes.

The actor said he quit after watching the first episode, saying it was “not as fun” as he had hoped.

The show was canceled in April.

The show was created by Charlie Day and co-star Charlie Day, who has also directed episodes.


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