NSA has ZerologON exploit for ‘exploits’

The NSA is selling an exploit that it says can be used to get inside a target’s computer without the need for a login.

The NSA says the exploit, which the agency is calling ZerologON, can be “used to take over a victim’s machine without the knowledge of the victim.”

The Zerology exploits the same flaw that is used in other attacks against governments and organizations.

The government has warned that it is working on patches that will stop ZerologONS exploits from working.

“We are actively working on a patch,” the NSA said in a statement.

Zerologon exploits a similar flaw to the one exploited by the Equation Group.

The Equation group used Zerologons exploits to gain access to the network of the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations in 2016.

“The Equation attack targeted a target network where NSA’s intrusion detection and response (IDS) teams were using the Tor Browser,” according to the NSA.

“A second attack used Zerology exploits to steal the target network’s cryptographic keys.”

The NSA said it has “identified Zerologont exploits that could be used against adversaries that are more technologically advanced, more capable, or more adept at exploiting vulnerabilities to compromise networks and target systems.”

The vulnerability is similar to an Equation breach that the NSA exploited in 2016 to compromise the network that the agency uses to control its surveillance programs.

The agency has also said that Zerologón exploits are similar to ones exploited in attacks on the Equations computers in 2016, which compromised servers used to distribute its surveillance data.

NSA spokeswoman Meghan Enns said in an email that the Zerology exploit is similar “in scope and depth to Equation attacks.”

“This means that an attacker who can take advantage of a Zerologic vulnerability can compromise the target of that attack as well as any other targets,” she said.

The Zercolon exploit is not a vulnerability that NSA has previously used.

It is not clear how much money the NSA has raised to develop Zerologonic exploits.

“It is difficult to quantify the actual amount of money that NSA is asking for,” the company said.

NSA is seeking $1.8 million to develop the Zerologonics exploit.

“With this offer, we have provided the world with a very powerful and versatile way to exploit a single vulnerability and exploit a wide range of targets and vulnerabilities,” the agency said.


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