The cyberpunk cash exploit is causing mommy and daddy to look like fraudsters

For years, cyberpunk fans have been calling for an exploit to be made that would allow hackers to create fake bank accounts and fake bank cards, then take advantage of that fake account to make off with millions of dollars.

Now, it seems there is a new exploit for that very problem.

The hacker group known as Faxus posted an exploit on Pastebin on Friday, offering a new way for hackers to take advantage in the cyberpunk space.

It was the first known cyberpunk exploit in years.

The exploit uses the same basic attack to get the fake account created, but then it turns into a fake bank card and fake debit card.

The hackers’ goal, of course, is to make money off the real accounts, but the exploit also exploits the fact that many cyberpunk games do not use a physical bank.

“A fake bank account is a great opportunity for thieves to steal the real account without being detected, and they can then easily convert the account into a virtual account,” Faxuus said in a statement.

“They are not subject to any of the limitations associated with real banks, such as the requirement to have a physical account or any other authentication measures.”

The hacker claims that its new exploit will allow hackers and criminals to gain access to accounts using a fake card and debit card, then make off the money.

It has been available on the Web since early February.

The hack is one of the latest cyberpunk exploits that have been publicized.

Last year, the hacker group Cyberberkut claimed to have successfully made off with more than $2 million in stolen credit cards from a virtual bank in New York.

The hack is a reminder that cyberpunk can be a dangerous genre, and hackers should be wary of the real threats that can come from the genre.


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