The full list of all the PS4 exploits that are available for download on the PlayStation 4 exploit network

The list of exploits that can be downloaded from the PlayStation®4 exploit network can be found on the PSN exploit page.

The exploit list is a work in progress, and the information has been verified by the security teams of various PS4 platforms.

This information can be updated regularly, but is subject to change without notice.

This list will be updated periodically and may include exploits which were not previously known to exist on the network.

You should also note that there are some exploits which are available only on certain PS4 consoles, and may not be able to be downloaded on other consoles, so the list will not necessarily reflect all exploits available on the platform.

A list of PS4 exploit tools, or tools that can run on the console, is also available.

For further details, including a list of known exploits, please visit the PS3 exploit page on the site.

In addition, some PS4 devices are compatible with PS4.

These devices can run the PS5.1 exploit, and they can be purchased from the Sony Online Store.

To learn more about these devices and their functionality, please read our PS4 device compatibility article.

For more information about the PS2, PS3 and PS4 versions of the exploit, please see the PS1, PS2 and PS3 exploits article.

This is a new and updated list.

The full List of PSN Exploit Networks


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