The Stoned Stoner is back!

A bunch of dudes have been stoned and drinking beer in St. Louis.

We’re talking about the stoner dude who has the time of his life.

This dude is the guy you see in the beer-stuffed pizza boxes at St. Patrick’s Day, or the dude who is hanging out with his family at a local bar on Christmas Eve.

Or maybe you see the dude sitting on a bench, or staring out the window of a church, or trying to convince someone to join him in his stoned stoner mode.

If you’re not stoned, you’ve probably seen him.

His name is Kevin.

And it turns out that, at least in St Louis, Kevin is not alone.

Kevin, who we’ll call Kevin, is a regular at St Louis bars, usually around 7 p.m. every Thursday, and sometimes he’ll spend more time at the bar than he does in the stoned bar.

Kevin is known for his beer-pong skills.

He is also known for stonedly stumbling through the beer aisle at every St. Charles Street bar.

But Kevin is also one of the people who have stoned the St. St. Dudes, and that’s where we come in.

This post is part of a series on the Stoned Dude, a name that comes from a St. Michael’s-style song about a Stoned Boy, and its history and influence on beer drinking in St., Louis.

In the next part, we’ll talk about beer bars that have become stoned-adjacent, and why this is good for St. Cuthberts beer drinking.

Happy drinking!


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