Unscrambled exploit reveals the latest iOS vulnerability

Hackers used a new exploit in iOS 7 that allows them to bypass encryption and access data stored on the device, according to a post on the AppAdvice website.

The post also stated that it appeared to be the latest in a series of attacks that allow an attacker to break into iOS devices via the iCloud service.

The Unscraveble exploit is “extremely rare,” the AppAdvisor blog said, but was present in “a very few” iOS versions.

The exploit was first reported on March 3, the day before the official launch of iOS 7, by security researcher James Henningsen, who wrote that he had been able to crack into an iPhone 7 Plus.

The exploit has since been patched by Apple and was first spotted by The Register.

Hennings, who has previously published detailed information on a number of exploits, including one that enabled remote code execution on Android devices, said the latest Unscamble exploit was also the result of an exploit that was not patched in time for iOS 7’s release.

A spokesperson for Apple told TechCrunch that Unscabble is not available in the current iOS version, and that it was working on a patch for it.

Apple has since released the iOS 7.2.1 firmware patch, but said that it would take up to four weeks for developers to begin releasing apps that rely on Unscable.

The latest version of iOS, released in August, has also been patched, but Henners found a vulnerability that could allow an iOS user to remotely execute code on a Mac.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this story.


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