What do hackers do to get inside a remote system?

This week, CBC News uncovered a massive cyber attack on the private network of Elastix, a Canadian oilfield service provider that is currently in the middle of a trial for alleged cybercrime.

According to the CBC, Elastius has been hacked multiple times by hackers that have gained access to Elastis systems in the past.

The CBC reported that the attacks were not the result of a single incident and instead were the result, in part, of a deliberate attempt by the attackers to take control of the company’s network.

Elastiaix says it has been the target of an “active and ongoing” attack, and that it has made significant improvements to its systems to prevent such a breach.

Elastic, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in protecting companies, confirmed that it is working with Elastios to improve its systems, but declined to offer any further comment.

The Canadian media outlet reported that Elastys data centres were also targeted in the attacks, including those at the Canadian International Trade Centre (CITC) in Ottawa and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

In a statement sent to CBC News, the Canadian National Railways said it is “aware of a cyber incident affecting the rail network at the CNSC.”

CNSC officials told the CBC that they are working with the company to investigate the incident.

“We are aware of a network intrusion involving the CITC,” said CNSC spokesperson Marcin Kotowski.

“Our teams are currently looking into the incident and are working on a proactive response.”

CNSP spokesman Peter Breen told CBC News that the company is aware of an incident involving Elasties systems at the CTC.

“CNSP has been monitoring the network since yesterday,” he said.

“As a precautionary measure, we are notifying the customers affected by this network intrusion.”

Elastiks website, which includes a website for users to upload their passwords, was also compromised, with a link to a vulnerability on the website.

Elasts website is currently inaccessible, and the company has told CBC that it plans to fix the vulnerability by the end of the day on Thursday.

ElastaX security firm, which has a reputation for security breaches, also announced that its services were also breached.

“Elastix has been compromised by hackers,” said Elasta X, in a statement.

“The breach has been traced to an IP address associated with the Elastik network.

Our team has identified a potential attack vector that could be used to compromise Elastias systems.

We are working to isolate the attackers.

Elastics internal team is working to identify the attackers and stop the attack.”

Elasta, which is owned by Canadian oil company Total and is a subsidiary of Canadian oil giant Nexen, did not provide further details about the attack.


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