What the ‘exploitation’ of teenagers has taught us

A few weeks ago, we reported on an article about a woman who was exploited for sex by a college student who was “working as a sex worker.”

The article quoted a former student who described the incident, and how the student was “not a good worker”.

“I’ve been raped, beaten and even had my penis removed,” the former student told the newspaper.

“They have been telling me that I should never work as a prostitute again, and that I shouldn’t go back to college because it’s not my profession.”

The report prompted a lot of backlash, but now we know the story was made up, and the alleged victim wasn’t the only one to be exploited by a sex-worker.

A new study has found that exploitation has a long and storied history in the UK.

One in four of those surveyed said they had been raped or sexually assaulted while in their teenage years, and one in three said they were sexually assaulted by someone they knew.

That’s according to a report from the University of Sussex, and has been described as “the biggest study of its kind in the world”.

The researchers surveyed nearly 5,000 teenagers across England and Wales, who were asked to tell them about their experiences of being sexually abused by someone who they knew, and were asked about their attitudes towards people who did.

They found that most of those who said they experienced sexual abuse said they felt embarrassed or ashamed, and a third said they “felt powerless to report”.

“We’re seeing a huge rise in this issue of sexual abuse, and in many cases it’s perpetrated by people we know,” study author, professor Richard Wilcox, said in a statement.

“A big part of our work has been looking at what kind of abuse happens in the intimate relationships of young people, and we’ve found that the vast majority of victims of sexual violence are young people in their early to mid-20s.”

In fact, the researchers found that many people who reported abuse by a relative, a teacher, a relative’s friend or an acquaintance are also at risk of being exploited.

The researchers also found that, of those people who were reported to police, three in 10 were subsequently convicted.

And while some of the victims may not have reported it because of “a fear of being a victim or a lack of confidence”, they were still more likely to be sexually abused.

One woman who spoke to the researchers described how her former school teacher “had me in his office, and he touched me on my chest, and my breasts were exposed, and it made me feel uncomfortable”.

And while many of the people interviewed were unaware that their alleged abuser had used drugs or alcohol, they felt guilty, and blamed themselves for being unable to stop it.

The findings have sparked debate about how vulnerable young people are to being exploited, and whether they can actually be expected to stop.

A recent survey from the charity Survivors UK found that one in six UK teens has experienced some form of abuse, from sexual assault, to physical abuse, to being physically abused.

The report also found a large number of teenage girls have experienced sexual assault by a boyfriend or partner.

In fact a large majority of the girls surveyed felt that they could have been at greater risk of harm had they not spoken out about it.

“Many of these victims feel they are not being believed because they don’t have any power or say over their own situation,” Wilcox said.

“We need to recognise that when we talk about sexual abuse that the majority of those are vulnerable people and we need to address that, and address the underlying causes of that trauma.”

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.


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