What you need to know about an exploit on Twitter

A new exploit that lets attackers run arbitrary code on Twitter servers is the latest in a string of recent hacks that have targeted companies in a variety of industries.

The new exploit, dubbed “Pulse,” was discovered Tuesday by researchers from the company Trend Micro.

The attack was discovered by Trend Micro researcher Mike McCauley, who told the Associated Press the new exploit could be used to steal passwords, track the location of computers, or even delete the Twitter servers altogether.

The new exploit is “a major change” from previous exploits, McCauleys team said in a statement, adding that it “is the first exploit to be publicly available in the wild.”

It’s a new version of a previous exploit, known as the “Punisher,” which also targeted Twitter in the last year.

It was discovered in 2016.

McCauley said the new “Pourr” exploit also targets Twitter’s authentication mechanism, the ability to verify whether a user is logged in to the service and the ability for the attackers to redirect tweets to an alternate Twitter account.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trend Micro’s team says the new attack “can be used by a malicious actor to compromise the Twitter network.”

The new attack could be an extension of previous “Pusher” exploits, which were discovered in the late ’90s and early ’00s, McCaig said.

It’s possible that this new “pourr” attack is different from previous “pourrs,” in which Twitter’s servers are set up to handle requests for more sensitive information.

Twitter has been a popular target of recent attacks.

Last month, researchers found a “Punch” exploit, which allows attackers to send text messages and send photos to Twitter users who have the wrong password, that could be sent to an unlimited number of people.

Twitter’s authentication feature has been criticized by cybersecurity experts, who have suggested the security feature could allow hackers to bypass Twitter’s protections, or allow someone to compromise Twitter’s network and send malicious tweets to millions of users.

Twitter has not confirmed any of these allegations.

Twitter also announced on Tuesday that it is working with the FBI to investigate the use of Twitter’s “password reset” feature in attacks against its users.

The company also announced that it will be “working with law enforcement to make sure that they have the tools they need to understand how to do this.”

Twitter has faced multiple hacks and data leaks in recent years.

A number of recent breaches have involved users’ social media accounts.


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