What you need to know about the fall of the United States and why it matters

The United States government has confirmed a zero day exploit used to remotely wipe thousands of computers from a computer network in Iran, the Pentagon said Friday.

Iran’s intelligence service confirmed the attack on Thursday and said it was an “internal affair.”

The attack was reported by the online news publication ZDNet, which said it had reviewed intelligence reports and video of the attack.

“We cannot confirm that this attack is part of a wider campaign by the United Nations,” a U.S. government statement said.

“The Iranian government has publicly denied any involvement in the attack.”

A senior U.N. official said Iran had also publicly confirmed its involvement in “the same attack.”

“We are aware of this incident, but the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates are also aware of it and are in the process of confirming that this is an incident,” the official said.

The United States has already imposed sanctions on several senior officials in Iran and has accused the country of conducting a nuclear program aimed at developing a weapon.

Iran has repeatedly denied any link to the United.

State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed the U.K. government’s “full confidence in the integrity and accuracy” of its intelligence reports.

He said Iran was “aware of the report that the U,S.

has shared” and that U. S. and U. N. officials had been briefed on the matter.”

The U.s. will continue to monitor this situation closely and take all appropriate steps to ensure that Iran remains isolated from the global community,” Kirby said.

A U.A.E. official in Geneva said the country was “monitoring” the report and could not confirm the report’s authenticity.

“Iran has been engaged in the cyber attack in various ways and we are aware that Iran is actively engaging in cyber activity,” the A.E.’s spokesman said.

Iran said the cyber attacks are aimed at “destroying and sabotaging Iranian technology and critical infrastructure” and have “no connection to the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 powers.”

In a statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry called the U .

S. attack “illegal and irresponsible.”

“The Iranian Foreign ministry condemns the U ‘s illegal and irresponsible cyber attack on the country’s infrastructure,” the statement said, referring to the U to a group of countries and the UTAU, a trade union for the Iranian workforce.

“This is an attack aimed at undermining the international framework of nuclear nonproliferation,” the ministry said.


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