When a man is caught on camera, does that mean he’s done for?

The new episode of Next Big Futures, which is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, has an extended version of the episode.

The episode starts with an interview with an Amazon worker who says he’s been caught on video, and the employee then goes on to say that it’s likely that the employee was exploited in the past.

According to the worker, he was a member of a “virus” group that targeted employees at a major tech company in 2015.

“In that video, you can clearly see me being dragged to a room where I was brutally raped,” the worker said.

“The person who is in the room is obviously an Amazon employee.”

The worker’s claims are supported by the fact that Amazon employees are required to wear face-covering masks during the interviews.

As for the video that he was caught on, the employee said it was uploaded to a video-sharing website.

Amazon does not confirm or deny the claims, but the company has acknowledged that employees are asked to wear masks during certain interviews.

While the worker’s claim is backed up by the video evidence, it remains unclear if the employee is the first person to be caught on tape.

A video posted on Twitter by an employee who worked at an Amazon warehouse in San Francisco in 2016 reportedly showed him being asked to remove a mask and walk out of a warehouse.

Amazon has also previously denied the existence of a sexual harassment or sexual abuse incident.

The company has also not confirmed that any employees were victims of any sexual harassment.

“Amazon has no tolerance for any type of sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual advances,” Amazon spokesperson Emily Denton said in a statement to NBC News.

Although Amazon has said it is committed to ensuring that every employee feels safe, it has also acknowledged that some employees have reported harassment in the workplace.

Last year, the company announced a $20 million settlement with former workers who said they had been subject to inappropriate conduct.

The video is available for Prime members to watch below.


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